Stockton House Renovation:
behind the scenes part 2

9th November 2021

If you’ve already read our behind the scenes part 1 blog, you’ll know our plans for the ground floor at Stockton House. If not, jump back one blog and have a read through our plans for how we’ll be creating a wedding venue in Shropshire like no other.

Now let’s go up to the first floor…

The Bridal Suite

Arguably one of the most important rooms in the house, right? (we’re sure the brides will agree)!

The bridal suite is located in the south wing of the house with it’s very own staircase leading you down to the ground floor – so this feels like your very own exclusive apartment. 

It’s full of natural light and (of course) plug sockets, making it a great spot to get ready with your bridal party. Whilst you’re getting ready, our chefs can serve you delicious cream cheese and salmon bagels (or whatever you’d prefer) and a glass of champagne to set the tone for the day and begin the celebrations. 

The interior design and decor inspiration for this room came from looking out the large sash windows where we saw breathtaking views of the woodland and the famous Wrekin hill. So we selected a beautiful organic and natural colour palette (with the help of our good friends Hatton & Harding of course) taking inspiration from the colours, shapes and patterns of the Shropshire surroundings. The luxurious patterned wallpaper we’ve selected for this room is from the amazing G.P. & J. Baker

The Honeymoon Suite

This could quite possibly be the most important room of the house, which is why we’re creating an entrance hall to the private, secluded honeymoon suite. 

Located in the north wing of the house, you’ll walk down the entrance hall and enter a very grand open space, with a luxurious four-poster bed, digital TV, digital radio and a beautiful antique wardrobe. The wardrobes have been here for over a century at Stockton House and we wanted to keep these unique features and pieces of furniture in the house to retain it’s character and charm. We’ve discovered so many original features around the house, so we’re sure you’ll find many other pieces as you go around the house. Remember, even though Stockton is a wedding venue, it is your house for the duration of your stay, so you’re very welcome to have a nose around!

From the bedroom you’ll walk into the separate part of the suite which has a large roll-top bath and beautiful en-suite for you to relax and unwind after your wedding day. 

There’s two large sash windows in the honeymoon suite, perfect for watching the sunset over the countryside and Apley Estate.  

Now let’s talk about the decor for this room… with the help of Hatton & Harding we’ve selected a beautiful patterned fabric for the headboard from Zoffany. And to add that little bit extra, Hatton & Harding had the idea of having finishing touches to fabrics with tassels and ribbons in this room from Samuel & Sons – and we think they’re going to look fab! 

Terrace View 

This luxurious double bedroom is on the first floor and overlooks the beautiful garden terrace. As you can probably tell from the name, we took inspiration from the beautiful view out the window for both the name and decor. 

We’ve selected a vibrant colour palette and stunning patterned fabrics – the bright blues and greens will definitely stand out as soon as your guests enter the bedroom. This colour palette follows through to the opulent en-suite which will be painted in the beautiful shade called Serpentine from Zoffany – this shade will be beautifully wrapped around the walls and ceilings. 

If you’re looking for a family room for your guests, this space has plenty of room to be a family room too. 

The second floor…

Garden View

When planning how this bedroom was going to look and feel, we looked out of the window and saw the beautiful blue sky which influenced the colour palette for this room. 

We’ve selected striking blue patterned fabrics from G.P. & J. Baker, which are beautifully complimented by neutral tones. 

As you enter this relaxing open space, you’ll be greeted by a luxurious double bed, digital TV, digital radio and a beautiful en-suite bathroom. The en-suite bathroom walls will have stunning patterned tiles, which when placed together form a beautiful circle pattern. We love these tiles and can’t wait to see these put on the walls and watch our design ideas come to life! 

It’s up in this room that you can sit by the window in the morning enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, look out to the horizon over the Shropshire countryside and watch the sunrise….bliss!

The Lord Hamilton Suite 

This was Lord Hamilton’s bedroom when he lived here at Stockton House, so we thought it was only right to name this bedroom after him. 

This space is quite unique, unusual and maybe we’d even say quirky! So when we were coming up with ideas and designs for this room we had to be that little bit more creative. Thankfully, we had Hatton & Harding with us to help us along the way.

We took influence for this room from luxury yachts, as these rooms tend to be unusual spaces. We couldn’t figure out a way of fitting a double bed into this room, so we decided to create a bespoke custom-made bed which will fill this room. This beautiful bed is huge and will be covered in luxurious rich fabrics which will be draped perfectly to feel like an incredible and opulent den. We think the beautiful patterned fabric selected from Lee Jofa will look perfect in this stunning space. 

This room will also have a beautiful en-suite bathroom which has a double shower (which some people have suggested it’s called ‘The Sexy Shower’)! 

Wrekin View 

A stunning double bedroom with views of the famous Shropshire Hill – The Wrekin (hence the name of this room).

The design and decor for this room was inspired by what was going on in the surroundings and out the window. This room is high up on the second floor, so we selected a fabulous fabric from G.P. & J. Baker which has beautiful bright birds on – bringing some of the outside in. In terms of the wallpaper for this room, we took inspiration from the original wallpaper which was on the walls in this room. It was a beautiful light green geometric design, which we wanted to pay homage to which is why we selected this amazing wallpaper. 

The en-suite has a luxurious roll-top bath which sits next to the windows and allows you to lie back, relax and enjoy the countryside views.



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